Some just play it, but there are those of us left who live it. From the church to the club, to tha mega stadium, the Dirty Boogaloo seethes with that juke-joint flava like no other, and that vibe is what sets it apart.

            Sometime in 2005, El Sueco and Snuggs was sittin' around tryin to figure out how to make some damn money - to no avail, both of these incredibly inteligent, savy, and shit, good lookin' gents, having produced 20 recordings on their own of everything from rock n' roll to trad irish, were comin' up blank. "This shit ain't workin'," uttered Sueco. "Somethin' funky, somethin' REAL." And thus the concept of the Dirty Boogaloo was born - none of this bling-bling-funky-ass-green-finger-ring bullsh!t, some straight up American music - the real fusion, the first fusion, pullin' a little piece of soil from round the globe. Soul, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Afro-beat, some funky-ass chinese shit, too - AND EDGY! "Since when did we need to be so clean, anyhow?" Snuggs, torchin' yet another Menthol, knew what needed to be done. Strike up the trumpets, get the cats out, and fire up the damn tape!

            What ensued was one of the most monumentous recording sessions in North American history, a concept born in moments of frustration and angst that fleshed out in the studio seamlessly - hell, the drummer called out the day before the session with some iritative-bowel   syndrome, and a sub needed to be called in. That cat was invoking the great spirits of Idrus Muhammed on that day. There was art happening, there was music, but most importantly, the peoples were at the spot, layin' it down with a SOLID party. That's what the boogaloo is all about - get 'em all together, party, and mix the damn music up so everybody can get their groove on!

            The material - oh, yeah, that shit. We all got filth on the brain, and if you sayin' "Naww...", you's a muthaf!*kin' liar, but man, does it always got to be so obvious? What happened to the sublime, man? These cats in the 20's, 30's, and 40's liked to party it up, no doubt, but if they wanted to make a damn dime, cussin' on the record was out of the question. Did they let that stop 'em? HELL NO! Just work around it, dig? Instead of sayin' "I Need a Slutty Ass-Ho," how bout "I Need a Bow-Legged Woman?" Instead of "How'd You Like Me Workin' That Ass," how bout "Wasn't That Good?" That's what I'm talkin' about - nothin' like a sexy woman dressed proper - so you can only imagine what's underneath....mmmmm.